Auditorium Seating(2)

Auditorium public seating

Bar | Cocktail Tables(3)

Cafe bar and cocktail tables

Bar | Counter Chairs(2)

Bar and counter high chairs

Cafe Chairs - Standard Height(7)

Cafe and restaurant indoor outdoor seating

Cafe Tables - Standard Height(4)

Cafe and restaurant tables

Conference Chairs - Mesh Back(2)

Conference and training facility chairs with mesh backrest

Conference Chairs - PU Backrest(4)

Conference chairs with PU backrest

Conference Chairs - Upholstered(5)

Upholstered conference and training facility chairs

Conference Chairs - Wood Frame(3)

Conference and training facility chairs with wooden frame

Counter High Chairs - Mesh Backrest(6)

Counter high draughtsman office chairs

Counter High Chairs - Upholstered(8)

Counter high draughtsman chairs

Executive Chairs - Mesh Backrest(6)

Executive office chairs with mesh backrest

Executive Chairs - Upholstered(32)

Executive upholstered office chairs

Heavy Duty Chairs(8)

Heavy duty office chairs

Industrial Chairs(14)

Industrial task and counter chairs

Occasional Seating(24)

Occasional chairs and loungers

Orthopedic Chairs(4)

Orthopedic office chairs

Ottomans & Sectional Seating(10)

Ottomans and sectional seating

Privacy Pods & Booths(3)

Privacy pods and booths

Public Benches - Economy(5)

Economy public benches

Public Benches - Steel & Wood(5)

Steel & wooden public benches

Public Benches - Upholstered(7)

Upholstered public benches

Soft Seating | Reception(20)

Soft seating reception couches and chairs

Stacker Chairs - Economy(11)

Economy stacker chairs

Standard Chairs - Mesh Backrest(8)

Standard office chairs with mesh backrest

Standard Chairs - Upholstered(30)

Standard managerial upholstered chairs

Tub & Wingback Chairs(10)

Tub and wingback reception chairs

Typist | Task chairs - Mesh Backrest(13)

Mesh backrest typist task chairs

Typist | Task Chairs - Upholstered(14)

Fabric upholstered typist and task chairs